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Can I Whiten Dental Bonding?

Posted by writeradmin

I have dental bonding that is quite a few years old. It was originally put there by my dentist in another state about 10 years ago to repair a tooth gap. In it’s current state, I consistently look like I have something large between my teeth. I know that when I had the work done, my dentist told me the color couldn’t be changed once it was done. However, is it possible to whiten the bonding back to the original color? My current dentist does not do dental bonding, except for cavities, but he does do teeth whitening. What are your thoughts on that option?


Dear Clara,

An image showing Before and after dental bonding

I am glad you wrote. For those who are unaware of what dental bonding does, it uses a composite material that allows a dentist to repair chips to teeth restoring them to a whole appearance, as well as closing gaps in teeth.

Unfortunately, teeth whitening only works on natural tooth structure. It will not however, improve the color of your dental bonding. Your natural teeth will get whiter while the bonding will stay the same color. This will have the opposite effect of what you are hoping for.

The only way to get this bonding back to its original color is to have the dental bonding redone. I would not pressure your dentist to do it. Dental bonding for cosmetic reasons requires additional bonding materials than someone who just does it for cavities would likely have. Plus, it takes serious artistic skill to do what is required in your case. Skill your dentist likely does not have.

There is nothing wrong with you going to a different dentist to have the dental bonding replaced and then returning to your regular dentist for your general dental needs. In fact, this is quite common. Look for someone with post-doctoral training in some cosmetic work. For instance, Dr. Wickness is a graduate with the Dawson Academy, which has a great reputation.

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