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"Dr. Wickness and his staff are excellent, blending skill with compassion and
genuine warmth. This is my best experience with a dentist EVER." - Anne Moore

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Nashville Cosmetic Dentist

David Wickness DMD, FAGD -
A Highly Credentialed
Cosmetic Dentist

Besides over 500 five-star Google reviews from patients, Dr. David P. Wickness has been
professionally recognized with the following credentials:

  • Awarded Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry
  • Graduated from the Dawson Academy where he completed post-graduate studies in
    complex restorative dentistry
  • Accreditation Candidate with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Continues to pursue post-graduate training at triple the rate required by the dental board
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AACD Accreditation

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Fellowship in the Academy
of General Dentistry

Thank you for all your
kind comments

My two front teeth were chipped and another dentist recommended two crowns. I knew that meant grinding my two front teeth to nubs. I went to Dr. Wickness for a second opinion. He recommended conservative bonding and a few days later I had him perform the work. The teeth look great.

Christopher May

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Wanna know what really rings true about Dr. Wickness? He absolutely is a collaborator and partner in your dentistry. This is not a salesman – this is a helper. It’s obvious within 5 minutes. I have no insurance; I feel very confident that I was quoted appropriately (it was the bottom half of the range quoted to me on the phone) and I absolutely felt un-judged, heard, and am happy with my result.

Jamie L.

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Dr Wickness fixed a chipped tooth. I’m amazed how real it looks. I showed my mom, brother, and my wife and none of them could tell which was the fake one and which was the new one.

Mike Freeman

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I had a crown fall off late on a Friday. Dr. Wickness was on vacation but called me back right away and offered to meet me at the office Saturday afternoon after he got home, or Sunday. I wasn’t in any pain, so I chose to wait till Monday. He and his staff were extremely helpful and kind.

Nancy Simerly

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We drive the hundred miles from Winchester because the care provided by Dr. Wickness and his staff is so excellent. Nashville is lucky to have him and his team.

Tom Rozier

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Personable, professional, and exemplary—what more can I say. I love Dr Wickness and everyone working in this office. I always get compliments on my teeth, need I say more?

Terris Meadors

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Dr. Wickness and all his staff are EXCELLENT. I have severe dental anxiety and they have worked with me and been very patient, understanding, gentle, and helpful. Dr. Wickness has come in on one of his days off when I had a dental emergency. They are careful, kind, and have helped me keep a healthy mouth and teeth.

L. A. Wilson

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Dr. Wickness and his staff are the best! They are prompt, knowledgeable, and considerate. I highly recommend!

Linda E.

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