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Financial Policies

For your convenience, there are multiple payment methods available to you at our practice. In most cases, your balance will be due at the time of service. We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Debit card
  • Credit card (Visa, Discover, MasterCard, or American Express)
  • CareCredit


CareCredit is a credit card that can be used for expenses related to health and wellness, including dental care. We are a participating provider with CareCredit, which offers zero-interest and low-interest payment plans of from 6 to 24 months.


We will gladly assist you in filing for reimbursement of your dental care costs through your insurance provider. Any benefits you receive after filing for reimbursement will come directly to you from your provider.

If your provider is Delta Dental Premier, with whom we are in network, at your appointment we will estimate the amount your insurance will pay as well as collect the portion for which you are responsible. As we are unable to guarantee in advance exactly how much your insurance will pay, you may receive a bill from us after insurance has been processed for any remnant left unpaid by insurance.