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Having healthy teeth is an important factor in overall good health. However, if you have one or more teeth that are cracked, chipped, decayed, or otherwise damaged, there are many ways for Dr. Wickness to correct these problems and restore a healthy smile. One method is to use crowns, also known as tooth caps.

A crown is a dental cap that covers a damaged tooth, restoring not just its appearance but also improving strength and functionality. They can be formed to be indistinguishable from any other tooth and can even improve one’s quality of life and self-confidence. Crowns are cemented permanently in place and are cared for and maintained as easily as a regular tooth.

Crowns are available in different styles and price ranges.

  • Metal – Metal crowns can be anything from stainless steel to gold to silver and beyond. These crowns are much more visually obvious; however, they are some of the strongest allowing for long-term functionality.
  • Porcelain – Porcelain is a popular choice for those wanting caps that blend in with their current teeth. The porcelain is fused to an underlying metal cap for greater durability.
  • Ceramic – Ceramic is another option for those wanting a dental cap that closely matches their natural tooth color. These are most often made from a material called zirconia. This material is extremely strong and can even be in patients who grind their teeth.

Crowns are excellent options as they can bring about both health and emotional benefits in the long run. Health-wise they restore your teeth, fill in gaps, and prevent further damage. Emotionally, crowns can offer a big boost to self-confidence as you no longer have to worry about what others might think about the discolored or decayed teeth your smile exposes.

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